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SAFETY, RELIABILITY AND ASSURANCE: The key taxi focal points to get communities moving post-pandemic

Throughout history, the iconic black taxi has always been there to help us through some of the most challenging times. Since as early as the 1600s, when they were known as Hackney Coaches, they have been an important part of London’s transportation history. During the blitz in WW2, the Government requisitioned around 2,500 taxis to be converted into auxiliary firefighting engines with ladders strapped to the roof and tow bars fitted for trailer pumps. They were also used as ambulances and army personnel carriers.

In recent times they were one of the first responders during the terrorist attacks in London, taking the injured to safety and helping others move away from the threat. This was done without being asked to, but because they are truly connected to London and are more than just a taxi service.

Since the lockdown began back in March 2020, we have seen the trade go through its most challenging period, with traditional street hailing and corporate travel coming to an almost standstill during the first lockdown, and with the second lockdown a large proportion of cabbies have reported that the downturn has been felt harder due to the higher infection rates and strict border control policies being put in place to help manage the spread from abroad.

During both lockdowns we have seen the trade really step up towards supporting the most vulnerable, key workers, and local councils by helping with their shopping, picking up medicines, delivering NHS services and products, and by taking doctors and district nurses to work. Nevertheless, what has become very apparent is the strength and determination that the trade has shown to keep on moving forwards, the ability to help out where needed, and going above and beyond by helping to transport COVID-19 positive passengers.

Safety, reliability and assurance will play a big part in being able to get our cities, towns, and communities moving again. The trade will have a massive part to play in being able to provide that service and to begin showing why the UK black taxi is more than just an icon, but a vital part of the UK’s transportation system. It provides commuters with a reliable and safe form of transportation by having a purpose-built partition between the driver and passenger/s, and the knowledge they are in the safest form of transport.

ComCab have over the past 40 years, transported commuters, shoppers, tourists, and business travellers, providing the highest quality service and representing everything that is great about the black taxi. During the last 12 months with the demise of traditional work, we have had to pivot our business in order to continue to provide services to existing and new customers, different markets, new forms of delivery and face some huge challenges and decisions. All of this has allowed us to become more dynamic by introducing new processes and services that will form part of the new offer to customers. We are proud to have our DNA within the taxi trade and will continue to innovate in technology, push the boundaries of transportation, stand side by side with the cabbies and continue to provide a platform for the public to be able to use the famous London black taxi.

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