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Salford Private Hire Association questions local MP over why taxis and PHVS are not treated the same

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Salford Private Hire Association has questioned a local MP over why taxis and minicabs are not treated the same.

In a social media outcry, the Salford Private Hire Association (SPHA) directed concerns towards Barbara Kelley, MP for Worsley & Eccles South, questioning the restrictions imposed by Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) on Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs).

Specifically, the SPHA has raised concerns about the discrepancy between restrictions placed on PHVs, which account for around 13,800 cars, versus traditional taxis, which amount to approximately 2,100.

The Association's initial query emphasises the role that PHVs sometimes play in transporting disabled and elderly passengers, as a different offering to black cabs. The SPHA challenged the effectiveness of Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) travel vouchers when PHVs are restricted from utilising certain roads or bus gates, thus hindering their ability to cater to those individuals who cannot walk long distances. The SPHA bluntly asks, "Equality?"

Furthermore, the SPHA underlines the need to address the alleged ’favourable’ treatment given to taxi passengers compared to PHV passengers in terms of highway restrictions.

Barbara Kelley MP has yet to respond to the posts made on 6 July 2023.

The Salford Private Hire Association (SPHA), said via social media: “Why do GMCA restrict 13,800 PHV’s (Private Hire Vehicles) but not 2,100 taxis? When PHV’s carry the majority of passengers include disable & elderly. What good are TfGM travel vouchers for those that can’t walk far, if PHV’s are restricted from using parts of roads or bus gates?


In a separate post the SPHA added: “The question that 13,800 GM Private hire vehicles & drivers still needs answering, why are PHV passengers treated less favourably than taxi passengers when it comes to highway restrictions?

“There’s enough Government reports on Equality & Competition?”


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