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Scottish Private Hire Association to protest against pothole plague in Glasgow city centre

Updated: Feb 15

The Scottish Private Hire Association (SPHA) is gearing up to join forces with the activist group 'Potholes Make Glasgow' for a protest against the growing pothole problem plaguing Glasgow's streets.

Scheduled for 24 February in Glasgow City Centre, this demonstration is set to bring critical attention to an issue that has long vexed drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike.

The planned protest will see a unique form of demonstration, as SPHA members intend to "surround" George Square with an array of private hire cars and taxis. This "maximum impact" strategy aims to underscore the severity of the city's pothole issues, while members of 'Potholes Make Glasgow' will amplify the message with a coordinated demonstration on foot within the square itself.

Adding a poignant note to the protest, it has been reported that this event will mark the end of an era for the SPHA, as Eddie Grice, the Association's General Secretary, will not be seeking re-election and is set to step down from his leadership position later this year. The protest is being framed as Grice's curtain call and final bow.

The call to action extends beyond the organising bodies, with an open invitation to other organisations and the general public to join the protest. Among the confirmed attendees are representatives from Saltire Private Hire and The Scottish Private Hire Association.

Eddie Grice, the General Secretary of the SPHA, said: “We are joining the group Potholes Make Glasgow to jointly protest the abysmal state of Glasgow’s roads and Glasgow City Council’s dereliction of duty in failing to adequately maintain our road network assets.  It is our belief that they are failing to meet their statutory obligations in keeping our roads safe and fit for purpose.

“The Council are constantly rejecting claims for damage just now and are saying that they are not acting negligently, however, it is starting to become apparent that many of the damages are happening on previously reported road defects.  It is becoming difficult for the council to continue claiming they are not responsible.”

John Paul Duffy, a SPHA trade rep, said: “We are obviously saddened to be seeing Eddie stepping down soon as he has led us brilliantly in all our campaigns and protests over the past three years. This protest is kind of like his curtain call as General Secretary. He’s taking one last stand against Glasgow City Council as he takes his final bow.”

A spokesperson for Saltire Private Hire said: “Enough is enough. Whilst the city is struggling financially, the state of the roads are now at the point where they pose a risk to our drivers and customers. Our roads are not fit for purpose and it’s time that Glasgow City Council listened to the people of Glasgow. Make our roads safe for drivers and cyclists.”


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