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Searches for ‘best taxi service near me’ spikes by 250% over last month, reports The Taxi Centre

The busiest time of the year for taxi drivers is fast approaching, with the festive season just around the corner.

Christmas brings an increased demand for taxis, with people leaving their cars at home to go and celebrate with colleagues, friends, and family.

The Taxi Centre reports that searches for ‘best taxi service near me’ have risen by a staggering 250% over the last month alone.

So to help drivers who are bracing themselves for the seasonal rush, experts at The Taxi Centre have shared some advice on getting ready for the busy period to ensure business thrives.

1. Complete a pre-festive season maintenance check

Your taxi is your place of work, so when it’s off the road – you are too. Before the start of the Christmas rush give your taxi a quick check-over to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Check that your tyres meet the required tread depth to maximise fuel economy and avoid any accidents.

Don’t forget to also check the interior of your taxi, most passengers will be dressed up to celebrate Christmas and they will not want to get into a messy taxi. So, refresh your taxi’s interior by giving it a quick hoover and wiping clean the seat covers.

2. Get digital payments set up

Contactless payments now make up 25% of all transactions in UK taxis, so it is vital to make sure you have a digital payment system set up.

Cashless payments are favoured for their convenience and flexibility, with customers being able to pay using their phone or a digital wallet.

So, ahead of the Christmas rush, it is important to make sure your card reader is working. If you do not accept digital payments, it may be something to consider as you could be missing out on business.

Having this function set up in your taxi will also save you trips to the cash machine, reducing your fuel usage and avoiding unwanted stress for your customers.

3. Don’t forget to fuel up

Many petrol stations close or have reduced opening hours over the festive period, so don't wait until your fuel light comes on to fill up.

Make sure to put a full tank of fuel in your taxi on Christmas Eve before the seasonal opening hours come into effect.

If you drive an electric taxi, consider that with the busy period comes an increased demand for charging points. Available public charging points may be difficult to find, so charging overnight at home may be the best option.

4. Care for your customers

It is not uncommon for passengers to be a little bit merry when picking them up from their Christmas parties and festivities.

If you do pick up passengers that are worse for wear, it may be a good idea to have some bottles of water and plastic bags in your car in case of any emergencies.

When driving, be careful and slow down when going over speed bumps and around roundabouts to help keep any motion sickness at bay – and your taxi clean.

5. Don’t overwork yourself

And finally, remember that it is just as important to look after yourself as well as your customers at this time of year.

Make sure to take regular breaks for rest, food and hydration when working - especially during long night shifts.

If you have been driving your taxi for two hours, then make sure to take a break from behind the wheel. Even if just for five minutes, get out of your taxi to stretch your legs and get some fresh winter air.


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