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SECOND HAND: Demand for low mileage LEVC TX taxi continues to boom along with remaining diesel cabs

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Taxi drivers are paying well for low mileage, well-maintained one-owner LEVC TX taxis, continuing a surge in demand and rising prices.

According to a recent article in TAXI Newspaper, industry experts have observed a growing trend wherein these premium second-hand cabs are fetching prices around £40,000.

Despite the availability of later-model electric TXs going at lower prices, a steady group of drivers are willing to pay between £25,000 and £27,000 for the remaining Euro VI TX4 taxis. The decision to invest in these vehicles has baffled some industry experts. They argue that an additional £5,000 to £10,000 investment could provide drivers with the latest TX model, boasting more advanced features, improved efficiency and more years on the road.

An industry expert in TAXI Newspaper wrote: “As more second-hand LEVC TXs come onto the market, the higher mileage ones are being traded at low £30,000s, but low mileage, immaculate one owner cabs are being snapped up, with drivers selling to other drivers at around the £40,000 mark.

“Late diesels are still doing. There is a small but steady group, who would rather pay £25,000, even up to £27,000 for a late Euro VI TX4. This still seems crazy to me, when another £5-£10,000 will put you in a TX, but I guess these drivers have their reasons.”


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