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Sefton taxi fares could rise 18% in bid to keep and attract more drivers

Sefton taxi drivers could be in line for a tariff boost as fares look set to rise significantly in October. The proposed price increases will affect hackney taxis that can be flagged down and could see fares rise anywhere between 8% and 18%, depending on the tariff.

The justification for these fare increases lies in the changing costs faced by cab drivers in the borough, according to a report presented by the Sefton Council. The proposals will be discussed and considered by Sefton's licensing committee today.

Alongside changes to the tariff rates, there may also be alterations to the distances covered before additional charges are incurred. Currently, the first charge covers 243 yards, but the plan is to reduce this to 200 yards. Furthermore, the meter will 'drop' every 180 yards after that, as opposed to the current 200 yards. As a result of these changes, passengers can anticipate an increase of between £1.30 and £2.10 on a four-mile journey within the borough.

Another potential modification entails shifting the starting time for the evening rate. Currently set at 11pm, the new proposal suggests the evening rate would begin at 9pm, allowing for an earlier application of the increased fare.

The council report highlights the loss of over 60 hackney drivers in the borough since 2020, and the proposed changes aim to maintain the current number of vehicles available, as well as attract new drivers and owners.

If the plans are approved by Sefton's licensing committee, a 14-day advertising period will be enforced. Following this, if no objections are received, the council plans to implement the rate hike from 1 October.


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