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SEISS, new taxi tax rules and ridiculous driving tales make up TaxiPoint’s top 50 2021 taxi stories

SEISS, new taxi tax rules and incidents of ridiculous driving make up TaxiPoint’s top 50 taxi industry stories for 2021, according to new data released.

Nearly 1.3million users accessed over 3.9million news pages on TaxiPoint’s news website in what proved to be a difficult 2021 for the taxi industry.

The most popular news stories centred around Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) news. Two SEISS payments were made to self-employed cabbies struggling with lower-demand levels at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

The much read news source attracted 272,669 page views for its story relating to SEISS grant four.

In the top 50 stories a whooping FOURTEEN relate to SEISS payments throughout 2021 making it the most talked about subject of the year.

Away from the COVID support grants, the UK taxi industry was very interested in new taxi tax checks arriving in April 2022.

If a driver or operator makes a licensing application on or after 4 April 2022 they will now need to make an application for a tax check to obtain a taxi driver licence.

TaxiPoint saw 44,908 page views of its story relating to fresh details on the new taxi tax rules being released by HMRC for taxi and private hire drivers in England and Wales.

Top 40 web pages read on TaxiPoint

FIVE stories in the top 50 most read articles on TaxiPoint related to the new taxi tax checks.

After that, stories relating to cab shortages, bilking laws, the rise of e-scooters and incidents of poor driving made up the rest of the top stories. These included:

Over 300,000 returning readers accessed TaxiPoint in 2021. A TaxiPoint spokesperson said: “Given the unprecedented nature of work-levels, especially in the first half of 2021, it comes as no surprise that those in the taxi industry were keen to explore information relating to SEISS support grants.

“With the industry rebuilding due to the impact of the pandemic, we hope that will be the end of that particular topic and envisage our top stories to relate more around licensing changes moving into the New Year.

“There will also be more drivers moving to electric vehicles, which we will continue to report on in 2022.”


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