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SEPTEMBER TAXI FUEL REPORT: Diesel versus Petrol versus Electric

A steady decrease in fuel prices has given some much needed respite to cab drivers around the UK.

In the ongoing monthly TaxiPoint Fuel Report, we use our unique formula to analyse the rapidly changing fuel cost landscape facing cabbies. In the review we look at some of the UK’s most popular cabs which includes the diesel TX4, the electric LEVC TX, and Skoda Octavia.

A month ago, fuel prices stood at a staggering £1.96 per litre for diesel and £1.88 per litre for petrol. Those prices have fallen fast for petrol users throughout the month of August leaving the price at £1.70 when filling up from the green pump, but diesel prices have dropped a little less emphatically sitting at £1.83 per litre at the start of September.

For electric we’re sticking with an average of around 28p per kWh to charge from home and roughly £9 for a full charge on public chargers for LEVC TX users. These charges are however set to change when the new energy fuel cap arrives this autumn and some public chargepoints are beginning price reviews now.

Perry Richardson, TaxiPoint Founder, said: “If you’re driving a petrol fuelled vehicle you will have felt some rest-bite however small this month. Diesel prices remain a huge issue for the taxi industry and according to RAC sources do not look like falling anytime soon. Those with electric vehicles will now also be looking over their shoulders at both domestic and commercial on street prices rising.”


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