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‘SERVER ISSUE’: Taxiapp responds as taxi drivers encounter days of server setbacks

Updated: Jun 6

Taxiapp, a player in the black cab ridehail industry, faced significant server issues starting at the weekend.

On 2 June, a company spokesperson addressed the situation, confirming the problem and reassuring users that efforts were underway to resolve the disruption promptly.

With the service still down, further clarification came on 4 June, with Taxiapp reiterating its operational status. The app is expected to be back online once the ‘server issue’ is fixed. The company firmly dismissed any contrary information as false, attributing such claims as attempts to tarnish their reputation.

Users are staying tuned for further updates as Taxiapp works towards restoring its services.

A Taxiapp spokesperson said in the statement on 2 June: “As most of you are no doubt aware, we have suffered a serious server issue over the weekend.

“We can assure you we are doing everything in our power to resolve this as soon as possible.

“Thank you for your continued patience.”

They added on 4 June: “To set the record straight, Taxiapp, is still very much in operation.

“The app itself will be back up and running, as soon the server issue is resolved.

“Anything you read or hear to the contrary, is a lie, and nothing more than a poor attempt at damaging our reputation.”

Taxiapp is a collective of London black cab drivers who have banded together to create an app aimed at modernising and streamlining their services. Established in response to the rising competition from ride-hailing giants like Uber, Taxiapp offers an alternative that keeps the traditional black cab ethos intact while embracing technology.

Taxiapp allows users to book black cabs directly through their smartphones, ensuring licensed and regulated drivers provide the service.


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