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SET UP AUTOPAY: New Heathrow airport taxi drop-off fees classing some cabs as ‘MINIBUSES’

Updated: May 8, 2022

Taxi drivers have been strongly urged to set up an automatic Heathrow Airport drop-off payment after discrepancies occur in first few days of the new fees going live.

As of Saturday 30 April 2022 London’s black cabs MUST pay a £5 fee to drop off at all Heathrow Airport terminals.

Following a public consultation, Transport for London (TfL) agreed a number of changes to taxi fares and tariffs. Taxi drivers can now add a charge of up to £5.20 to the fare when dropping off passengers in one of the terminal drop-off zones at Heathrow Airport unless their taxi has been registered for a Blue Badge concession.

Since going live there have been mixed reports from London’s black cab drivers. Some drivers of Mercedes-Benz Vito taxis reportedly remain exempt from the charge as Heathrow APCOA Parking class the vehicle as a ‘minibus’. Other drivers of the same vehicle model are however being requested to make the payment.

Cabbie representatives Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) have urged those drivers to be careful and to cover their backs by also signing up to the airport drop-off autopay scheme too.

An LTDA spokesperson said: “Our advice is set up autopay. That way if you don’t get charged, great, if you do they just take it. No nasty surprises or PCNs.”

Drivers have the option to pay the £5 charge in advance, or by midnight the day after making the drop-off. Payments can only be made by card, either online or by an automated telephone service.

Taxi drivers can set up an autopay facility via Heathrow’s website to ensure payments are paid on time. Non-payment will result in an £80 Parking Charge Notice (PCN), reduced to £40 if paid within 14 days.


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