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SEVEN minicabs caught plying-for-hire during Nottingham joint operation

In a joint enforcement operation held on Friday night, Nottingham City Council (NCC) Licensing and Nottinghamshire Police collaborated to crack down on illegal private hire vehicle (PHV) operations in Nottingham City Centre.

As a result, a whopping SEVEN PHV drivers were apprehended for illegally plying for hire.

Illegal private hire vehicle operations can pose significant risks to both passengers and legitimate licensed taxi drivers. Such operations often occur when drivers accept passengers without having pre-booked the ride through an approved booking system. These unlicensed drivers not only put passengers at risk but also operate outside the law and invalidate insurance policies.

A Nottingham City Council Licensing spokesperson said via social media: “On Friday night, NCC Licensing and Nottinghamshire Police held a joint enforcement operation in Nottingham City Centre. 7 PHV drivers were caught illegally plying for hire and will be prosecuted.”


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