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SHAUN BAILEY: “Licensed taxis should take a key role in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy”

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Licensed taxis should take a key role in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy says London Mayoral Candidate Shaun Bailey.

The comments come as Londoners await the result of the Mayor’s and Transport for London’s (TfL) Streetspace appeal application which is due soon.

The appeal follows the High Court ruling on 21 January that found the Mayor of London and TfL “acted unlawfully” in their treatment of licensed taxis, in the Streetspace for London Plan and associated Guidance and the A10 Bishopsgate Traffic Order.

In a lengthy and detailed judgment, Mrs Justice Lang underlined a series of failings by TfL and the Mayor, describing their decision-making process as “seriously flawed”, with the decision to exclude taxis being based on “superficial” and “inadequate evidence”.

The Judge noted that denying taxis access to London’s roads could have “severe consequences” for passengers who cannot walk, cycle, or use public transport and that “the needs of people with protected characteristics, including the elderly or disabled” were “not considered” before the Plan was announced or the Guidance published.

TfL applied to the Court of Appeal on 10 February for permission to appeal the judgment.

Shaun Bailey, Conservative Candidate for London Mayor, said: "London’s black cabs are iconic, an integral part of London’s identity. But like too many issues in London, they've been ignored over the last five years.

“Licensed taxis should take a key role in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy. So as Mayor, I’ll offer every single cabbie an interest-free loan to buy an electric cab - helping more cabbies make the switch and clean up London’s air.

“And given how important black cabs are to those with disabilities, we should make it easier for cabs to keep people moving by giving them access to more of London’s roads.

“This May, London's black cabs can get a fresh start. And I'll work with cab drivers to deliver it."

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