SHERBET ON DEMAND: New flexible shift based taxi rental service set to launch for cabbies

Image credit: Sherbet London

Taxi rental firm Sherbet London is set to launch its new ‘Sherbet On Demand’ service allowing drivers to rent a vehicle on a more flexible single shift basis.

Due to the financial impact of coronavirus faced by both drivers and fleets within the taxi industry, Sherbet London have taken the opportunity to relook at the traditional taxi rental models.

The new alternative will allow cabbies more flexibility to work at short notice and provide the opportunity to create ‘shift’ frameworks that work for them in the new climate.

The new service allows drivers to rent when they need to, whether it is one shift a week, or a duration of six weeks. The taxis will be conveniently located, starting with three locations in the south, west and north of the capital. The firm plans to have over 50 locations across London and the suburbs as the new rental offering progresses.

Electric LEVC TX cabs will be available, fully charged, on a two-shift per day pattern, shift one 5.30am to 3.30pm and shift two 6pm to 3am, and priced at £38 per shift. Drivers are free to book as many shifts as they wish, with a discount available should the driver book a double shift.

Drivers interested in the new rental scheme are being asked to contact Sherbet London to register their interest.

Asher Moses, Sherbet London CEO, said: “I feel all drivers would benefit, whether you work two shifts or five. It will help more drivers in to electric taxis.

“I think we would all agree the industry has been hit hard with COVID, but I feel London will bounce back. Once COVID is behind us there will be a hunger from consumers to head out and enjoy our great city.”

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