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Shocked police CHASE de-licensed taxi and arrest driver in Surrey

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Image credit: Surrey Police Roads Policing Unit (Twitter)

A driver was arrested after shocked police were involved in a CAR CHASE with a de-licensed taxi in Surrey.

The iconic red taxi vehicle, which was no longer licensed to work as a taxi, caught the attention of police officers in the Woking area. Upon turning around to catch up with the vehicle, the former taxi ‘made off’.

After what police describe as a ‘short’ pursuit, the driver then made off on foot attempting to climb over garden fences.

The driver, not a licensed taxi driver, was arrested for multiple offences including drug driving. The vehicle was also identified as having false plates.

A Surrey Police Roads Policing Unit spokesperson said: “Not the kind of vehicle you expect to be in pursuit of…

“This London Taxi (but not a registered taxi) got our coppers nose twitting when it went past us yesterday.

“When we turned round for a closer look, the driver made off, trying to outrun our 530

“After a short pursuit the drive bailed but was caught by pursuing officers whilst attempting to climb over a garden fence in Send.

“The vehicle was on false plates and the driver was arrested for numerous offences, including drug driving.”


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