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‘SIGNING UP IN THEIR DROVES’: Over 1,000 London taxi drivers sign up to new app

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Unify taxi app has recruited over 1,000 drivers onto its platform in just a matter of weeks as cabbies flock to support the unique hailing service.

London cab driver and Taxi Charity volunteer Micky Harris used an unexpected legacy from his late wife Barbara to create the Unify London App.

Barbara regularly joined Micky on Taxi Charity trips to the continent before her death, and she left instructions that Micky was to use the legacy to support the cab trade and help charities run by taxi drivers.

The Unify London App is different to anything else that is currently available to London cab drivers. There is no surge pricing, no hidden fees, no cancellations, hired from the hail, light off-meter on and unlike other Apps, the Unify London App will give cab drivers the full metered fare. In addition, charities including the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans, The London Taxi Drivers’ Charity for Children, The Albany Taxi Charity and the Magical Taxi Tour will benefit every time the app is used.

TaxiPoint asked Micky what the feedback from drivers had been like since launching in April. Micky said: “The comments and feedback from drivers are amazing. The amount of heartfelt warmth and comments from them has certainly reassured me that I am doing the right thing.

“They are signing up in their droves and we have over a thousand drivers registered with us already in such a short time. Hundreds more have downloaded the app but are yet to complete their details. I would urge them to do so quickly before the rush comes from all the publicity we are gaining.

“There has been a buzz associated with this new style app and we are very proud of the drivers for getting behind us so quickly and enthusiastically. It has been truly inspiring, and under the circumstances, very emotional for me too.“

There have been many taxi hailing apps that have come to market, but then go on to stutter due to the lack of a unique selling point when compared to what’s already on the market. Unify does however seem to be unique and has tapped into the hearts of many already given its origin and links to good causes.

Micky added: “This app will remain guarded by our family for generations to come. There is no amount of money that would make us part with Barbara’s legacy to the trade. End of.”


This has always been the hard bit, or otherwise known as the expensive bit. App users have come to expect subsidies on rides when joining mobility apps and unless you’ve got deep pockets it’s difficult to not only recruit passengers, but also retain them in a bloated market.

However, Unify come at recruitment from a different angle. The links to established and well supported charities aims to recruit via an emotional sale. Passengers will feel empowered helping good causes whilst also getting the service they require.

The Unify ‘Customer Tree’ model also incentivises taxi drivers to recruit passengers to the platform for long-term reward. Here’s how it works:

When a customer signs up, adding a driver’s badge number, they are linked together with that driver for as long as both remain active on the app. Every time the customer uses the app, 10 pence will be allocated to the driver’s reward box, regardless of who the customer rides with.

If a customer goes on to share the App information, with their family, friends, and colleagues, these new customers will also be linked to that driver.

Provided the driver’s badge number is entered upon sign-up. This can be made easy by using the advertising materials within the taxi, upon which the driver has clearly written

their badge number.

Drivers should encourage customers to take a photograph of the advertising material (including their badge number) and share it via social media. The driver then receives 10 pence, every time these customers use the app too.

Providing they have entered the driver’s badge number upon sign up, these trees can grow to any size and are not restricted in any way.

Customers that sign up without a driver number, are linked to Unify’s charity account reward box instead. This allocation of company profits has been designed with the wider taxi community in mind.

Unify has a clear recruitment plan set in place and you know what... it might just work.


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