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Singapore taxi firm SMRT aims to shift ENTIRE FLEET to 100% electric in next five years

Image credit: SMRT / Facebook

Singapore taxi firm SMRT are aiming to shift its entire taxi fleet to 100% electric taxi within the next five years. The first batch of 300 electric taxis is set to arrive in Singapore from July this year.

The electrification of the entire taxi fleet arrives as part of SMRT’s strategy in green businesses called ‘Strides Mobility’. The strategy includes the development of sustainable mobility solutions and the introduction of mobility services using electric vehicles that will include taxis, cars, vans, limousines, motorcycles and buses.

Strides Mobility is said to be playing an active role in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and to be a leading player in sustainable transport services. In addition to the roll out of electric taxis, Strides Mobility has also recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with EuroSports Technologies on the development, deployment and distribution of smart electric motorcycles in Singapore and the region.

The electric taxis to be launched could include suitable models such as sedans, station wagons and multi-purpose vehicles to meet the diverse needs of the market.

SMRT’s commitment to operate cleaner-energy taxis began in 2013 when it added more than 600 Toyota Prius Hybrid cabs to its fleet to become the largest hybrid taxi operator in Singapore at that time. The fleet became 100% hybrid in 2020.

Mr Tan Kian Heong, President of SMRT Road Holdings, said: “In line with Singapore’s Green Plan, we are excited to be among the first point-to-point transport operators to commit to the deployment of electric taxis on a large scale. This is a key part of our plan to incorporate principles of sustainability into each of our businesses to bring sustainable urban mobility services to our customers. Going Green is an integral part of how we operate our business.”


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