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SIX ARRESTED: Mayor of London reveals crackdown on Heathrow Airport’s rogue taxi touts

Updated: 5 days ago

Mayor Sadiq Khan spoke in detail about Operation Gadi, a decisive initiative targeting illegal taxi touts at Heathrow Airport, following a question put to him by London Assembly Member Hina Bokhari.

The operation focused specifically on Terminal 4, with a keen eye on travellers arriving from the United Arab Emirates and lone female passengers.

The touts targeted were said to be notorious for charging extortionate rates, often for journeys into central London. The touts would normally approach unsuspecting travellers and offer rides at prices significantly above the standard rates. This practice not only exploited passengers but also undermined legitimate taxi services operating within legal frameworks.

Operation Gadi was a coordinated effort, mobilising resources from various units. Aviation Command played a central role, supported by the Road Transport Police Command Cabs Unit. Additionally, Arabic-speaking officers from the Staff Support Association were crucial in identifying and communicating with potential targets and offenders, given the specific demographics targeted by these touts.

The operation's success is reflected in the arrests and charges brought against the offenders. Six individuals were apprehended for illegal touting activities. They have all been charged and are now prohibited from entering the airport under stringent bail conditions. This measure aims to prevent any recurrence of such illegal activities in the future.

Beyond the arrests, Operation Gadi also highlighted numerous traffic violations. A total of 15 traffic offences were reported, which included serious infractions such as driving without insurance, speeding, illegal tyres, and evasion of airport fees.

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, said: “Operation Gadi was launched to combat illegal taxi touts operating at Heathrow Airport. 


“These touts were specifically targeting travellers arriving at Terminal 4 on flights from the United Arab Emirates, and lone female travellers. The touts would agree to take the passenger, usually into central London, at an extortionate rate.

“The operation mobilised resources from Aviation Command, the Road Transport Police Command Cabs Unit, and Arabic-speaking officers via the Staff Support Association.


“As a result of Operation Gadi, a total of six people were arrested for illegal touting, all were charged and prohibited from entering the airport under bail conditions. 15 traffic offences were reported, including no insurance, speeding, illegal tyres, and evasion of airport fees.


“The overtime cost of this operation was £3,336.”


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