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SLEEK WHEELS: Are LEVC about to offer ALLOY WHEELS option to drivers buying electric TX taxi?

Image credit: LEVC

The new sleek electric London taxis found in the capital and other parts of the UK could be getting even cooler as manufacturers LEVC ask cabbies their opinion on alloy wheels.

Roughly a third of all taxi vehicles are now Zero-Emission Capable (ZEC) in London. According to TfL data 5,465 ZEC taxis have been licensed to date out of the 14,695 currently licensed. The majority of those ZEC cabs are the popular LEVC TX taxi.

The Coventry-based taxi manufacturers have created an online stir by asking how many of the taxi community would be interested in upgrading their wheels to alloys at the point of purchase.

The cost of the upgrade, should LEVC introduce the option, would likely cost around £450-550.

The online Twitter poll runs until Wednesday 20 April and at the time of writing nearly a third of cabbies would be either definitely interested or consider the option of alloys.

LEVC’s electric TX taxi has been popular amongst cabbies as it eliminates range anxiety, minimises CO2 emissions and saves money on fuel thanks to its unique eCity technology. The taxi offers a pure electric, zero-emission range of 64 miles (103km) and is capable of a total range of up to 318 miles (512km) thanks to its range-extending technology. It also qualifies for the Plug-in Taxi Grant (PITG), reducing its price by £7,500.

Of the taxi drivers not interested in the alloy wheel option they asked for improvements to the taxi light and battery range instead.


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