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Taxi & Private Hire booking & dispatch provider Autocab announce Operator Relief Fund worth £500,000

Smart technology solution provider Autocab have pledged £500,000 to help operators during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The funds will be used to give discounts to those in most financial need over the next three months.

Autocab have also pledged that they will not make any profit during this difficult period, saying: "We commit that we will only ask you to pay us the cost of delivering the services you need from us and no more.

"Autocab customers are invited to opt-in to the Operator Relief Fund in the spirit of working together as an industry, we encourage firms who don't require support not to opt-in to ensure the Fund reaches the firms that need it most."

Autocab is a cloud-based booking and dispatch system designed to help taxi, private hire, limo and ground transportation businesses.

The firm claims to have over 1500 companies across the world currently using their bespoke cloud-based SaaS solutions.

Image credit: Autocab media


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