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‘SOME TIP THAT’: Huge £103 tip handed to delighted London taxi driver

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

A delighted and surprised London cabbie was thrilled after a passenger left a HUGE tip after taking a black cab from Heathrow Airport.

The taxi driver posted a copy of the card payment receipt showing the gratuity payment of over £100.

The passenger left a £103.20 tip, on top of the £106.80 fare, after taking a taxi from Heathrow Terminal 2 to Greenwich.

The delighted taxi driver simply said: “Some tip that. Wallop.”

Tipping in taxis

Taxi customers use several ways to work out a suitable tip in the UK, although rounding up fares or adding a percentage remain the most common ways to tip taxi drivers.

The exact amount a customer tips may depend on how much loose change they have available in their pocket, the value of the fare or the percentage they feel comfortable paying. A tip value between 10-15% is most common in the UK.

For others the amount depends on the level of service provided above and beyond what is expected. The level of gratuity rewarded might be higher if the driver helps with large amounts of heavy luggage, provides insightful information based on their knowledge of the city or they get their passengers to their destination in time when faced with challenging conditions or traffic.

Tipping is not a legal requirement, but there is a long-standing etiquette within industries that provide a service. The decision remains entirely with the passenger, but gratefully received by the driver.


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