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‘SOMETHING SPECIAL’ ON THE WAY: Taxi manufacturer LEVC releases cryptic message and video

Image credit: Mark Twyman

Black cab manufacturers LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) have released a cryptic message announcing ‘something special’ is on the way in just a few days time.

At the turn of the year the Coventry based manufacturer set a bold new brand direction for the coming decade and beyond to become a leading zero-carbon mobility technology company.

LEVC has manufactured the iconic London taxi for more than 70 years and the company’s new strategy will see it grow beyond manufacturing the world’s most advanced taxi, the TX.

As part of the strategy change, LEVC committed to delivering smarter, greener, safer and more accessible mobility solutions to more people than ever before.

In a social media campaign released today, LEVC said: “Something exciting is coming your way! See it all here on the 5th May....”

The accompanying video shows the outline of four wheels.


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