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South East England holds most advanced drivers in the UK study reveals

The most advanced drivers in the UK have been revealed, with motorists in South East England coming out on top.

Car insurance comparison platform took a sample of over 100,000 drivers searching for car insurance over the first three months of the year to uncover the UK’s best drivers.

Motorists who pass advanced driving courses become safer and more competent and new data has revealed which parts of the UK have the most and least of these competent drivers.

The data showed more drivers in South East England are members of IAM RoadSmart, the road safety charity.

To become a member, motorists need to have passed an advanced driving course, developing better on-road skills.

Drivers in the South East pipped those in North West England, with drivers in London coming in third, West Midlands fourth, and Yorkshire and the Humber completing the top five.

Motorists in Northern Ireland made the top half of the twelve-strong regional list, with Scottish drivers coming only in ninth.

The region with the fewest advanced drivers was Wales, just beating North East England to the wooden spoon of UK motoring competence.

Advanced driving courses are designed to improve your road skills but can also save you money.

Some insurers will actually look to reduce insurance premiums if you are an advanced driver, while the driving skills learned can also reduce vehicle wear and tear and conserve fuel.

Advanced driving courses explain the best way to decrease fuel consumption, and better driving should mean your vehicle will last longer, reducing repair costs.

These savings could prove invaluable as inflation continues to push up costs, leaving drivers with less money in their pockets.

More efficient driving also makes for more environmentally friendly motoring, with reduced fuel consumption, helping make our air cleaner.

Greg Wilson, Founder and CEO of, said: “It’s interesting to see the regional differences in advanced driver qualifications with South East England having four times the number of IAM RoadSmart members than Wales, according to our most recent data.

“These DVSA-accredited advanced driving courses help motorists become more relaxed, confident and ultimately safer drivers.

“Improving your overall driving skills can have benefits beyond being safer on the road, with the course coaching motorists on how to drive more efficiently, saving money on fuel and vehicle wear and tear.

“As well as keeping money in your pocket, driving economically is also environmentally friendly.

“Not all insurers recognise these courses, however, so if your main aim is to save money, it's worth considering the cost of the training against any savings you could make.

“What the course will do is give you time to practice more advanced techniques with an Institute of Motor Industry expert - training in control, observation, timing, positioning and the ability to deal with unpredictable events.

“Learning or refreshing important skills will help motorists, wherever they are across the UK, become safer, more confident drivers.

“There are plenty of other steps motorists can take if they want to save money and get the most competitive car insurance possible, a good place to start is using price comparison sites like”


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