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South Ribble taxi drivers want passenger soiling charge to increase from £40 to £100

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Taxi drivers in South Ribble have requested that the council's licensing committee consider an increase on passenger soiling charges as well as a rise in fares.

The council’s licensing members will discuss the possibility of increasing fares and charges, which have stayed the same for the last seven years.

Drivers are requesting that the council increases the flag-fall price (the amount on which the meter begins) by 50p. Waiting time charges are also on the agenda for discussion. Currently the meter increases by 10p every 30 seconds during a waiting period. Cabbies are asking for this to increase every 20 seconds.

The largest increase to be discussed is the soiling charge, which currently sits at £40 if a passenger leaves a mess in the taxi which will require time and money for the driver to have cleaned.

Drivers are asking that this charge increases to £100 to cover them for costs and loss of earnings. South Ribble drivers also have the option to charge extra if a passenger brings a dog onboard - assistance dogs are exempt from such charges.

Currently drivers can charge an additional 40p per animal travelling, the are requesting that this is increased to £1 per animal.

Taxi drivers up and down the country have seen work levels plummet during the pandemic and with costs of running a cab ever increasing, drivers are now looking for licensing authorities to step in and help bridge the pay gap.


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