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Southampton City Council set for public meeting to discuss potential PHV livery changes this month

Southampton City Council has announced a public meeting on 14 June to discuss the potential change of livery on private hire vehicles.

If adopted, the change will require all PHVs to display a new door sign, but it will not impact the display of operator names. This means that all PHVs that display the new sticker will be free to accept bookings from any Southampton operator.

The move is likely to be welcomed by private hire vehicle drivers who can continue ‘multi-apping’ across a number of ride-hail operators. If the change is adopted, current licensed vehicle owners can change to the new sticker if they wish to do so, with licensing staff managing the initial demand for the new stickers. However, priority is likely to be given to people applying for and renewing licences.

It is also worth noting that if the change is adopted, all vehicles that are new or renewing licences issued on or after 1 July 2023 would need the new stickers in place prior to a licence being issued.

The meeting is expected to draw local attention and provide a forum for public debate, with the council keen to receive feedback from all parties involved.


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