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Stirling Council to consider proposed 14% INCREASE in taxi fares

Stirling residents may soon be paying more for taxi rides, as the local authority gets set to meet today to discuss a proposal for nearly 14% fare increase.

Rising vehicle and fuel costs have been cited as the primary reasons for the price hike, according to a report that will be presented during the meeting.

If the proposal is approved, the minimum fare for a taxi ride would be raised to £3.40, while the charge would increase to £4 during late-night hours, Sundays, and holidays.

For a five-mile journey within the city, passengers could be charged £12.70, an increase from the current fare for the same distance.

Details of the discussion was first reported via CentralFM.

The council will carefully consider the proposal before making any decision, keeping in mind the impact it could have on the community.


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