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Stolen vehicle crashes into minicab during police chase in West Midlands

Updated: May 15, 2022

Image credit: West Midlands Traffic Police (Facebook)

A private hire vehicle was crashed into after police gave pursuit to another car in West Midlands.

Police officers chased a black Vauxhall Insignia car after it was stolen by four men carrying machetes less than an hour earlier.

Police were able to follow the stolen car until it crashed into a white Toyota Prius minicab head on. Weapons were seize and two occupants detained.

A WMP Police spokesperson said: “A busy 1 for C Unit last night. This Freelander was stolen earlier in Staffordshire. Our patrols saw it & the driver immediately failed to stop, before being stung. The driver & 1 of his passengers were arrested, the other 1 ran off but the driver gave us his name

“Then we saw this Insignia (stolen by 4 males with machete’s less than an hr before we saw it). It was followed until the driver ran out of what little talent he had & crashed into 2 vehicles.

“2 weapons recovered and 2 occupants detained.”


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