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StreetCars commission hike leaves drivers struggling for earnings, says GMB Union

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

StreetCars, the official car service operator at Stansted Airport, has faced severe criticism from the GMB Union for implementing a substantial increase in commission rates, leading to a decline in driver earnings.

Previously, drivers were charged a commission of 40 percent, but as of June, StreetCars has inflated the rate to 45.5 percent. Union officials say the move effectively means a pay cut for the drivers who heavily rely on their earnings from the service.

One driver and GMB member expressed their concerns, stating: "It is tough for us, 45.5 percent commission for every job makes it hard to earn a living. We have no alternative but to work more than 10 hours, but that is if the jobs are there. When the airport is quieter it's quite possible that drivers cannot earn the equivalent of the National Minimum Wage.

“Car insurance, maintenance costs, fuel, and for some drivers car rental, must all be paid regardless of how little we have earnt.”

Steve Garelick, GMB London Region Organiser, said: "Like many workers on low pay struggling to cope with living costs, Streetcars drivers are being crushed by these ‘greedy’ charges. 45.5 percent is an extortionate commission rate in comparison to other operators which take considerably lower commission.

“Some drivers are working excessive hours to make a living, meaning their health and safety and that of passengers is at risk, this is a concern for passengers and GMB.

“MAG officials seem to have little power to ensure that StreetCars is a fair and law-abiding employer therefore on the face of it, Streetcars can impose these high rates without any backlash from MAG or any other body. Our members have had enough and will take action.”


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