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Struggling Scottish taxi drivers brand financial support available as a ‘POSTCODE LOTTERY’

Image credit: Ross Campbell

Scottish taxi drivers financially struggling due to the devastating impact of coronavirus, have branded the support available to cabbies as a ‘postcode lottery’.

Representatives from Unite Glasgow Cab Section have criticised the varying levels of financial grants. The specific taxi and private hire grants start from £1,500, but can be topped-up by local authorities to the value of £4,000 based solely on where the taxi driver lives or is licensed.

The frustration follows news that taxi and private hire drivers licensed with Angus Council will now get an additional £2,500 financial support grant, on top of an initial £1,500 from a first nationwide grant made available.

Almost £1million extra support for drivers is also being made available in Dundee by the city’s council. The money will provide a discretionary top up of £1,000 in addition to the £1,500 which has already been paid out.

A Unite Glasgow Cab Section spokesperson said via social media: “Appallingly it looks like a postcode lottery is underway, with two local authorities, Dundee and Angus, announcing top-up grants of £1,000 and £2,500 respectively.”

The spokesperson added: “Unfortunately, despite exhaustive efforts to find out if Glasgow City Council has plans to implement a similar top-up fund, we are being met with silence.”


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