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Students will 'abuse' RIDE NOW PAY LATER scheme say taxi drivers

Image credit : V Cars adapted

Following the announcement that a taxi firm in the South West, V Cars, was joining a new Safe Taxi Scheme, which allows students who don't have the funds to pay for a journey home to pay pay for a trip up to 48 hours later, some drivers have raised concerns about the scheme.

The taxi firm, part of Veezu Group, offers the service to students at participating universities 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing them to book a journey to the value of £20, and pay via their Student Union within 48 hours.

But not all drivers believe it's a good idea. One commented on social media: "Spend all their money on drink? Then want a ride home? Driver gets his money much later."

Another wrote: "Students are a taxi drivers nightmare. Bad enough taking them when the are paying. Definitely would not want to take them for free."

Jason White, a driver, said: "That's open to abuse. And it will be as well! So does the driver get the fare from the office irrespective or is that another loss they have to put up with?"

Another driver agreed with Jason, saying: "Abuse of this will happen. Guaranteed."

And another said: "Spend it all on alcohol then they should walk home".

Christopher Day added: "If they are students, they should be clever enough to remember to save cash to pay for the taxi home, hope the firm pays the driver and they take the loss."


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