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Stylish Chinese built LEVC TX offers modern twist to its functional black taxi icon

Image credit: @geely_ash (Twitter)

A Chinese built LEVC TX has been sighted in its Chinese Headquarters offering a modern twist to the black taxi icon.

Last year an agreement was reached with Geely for the licensed production of the popular TX in the Yiwu factory for which royalty payments will be paid to LEVC.

The Chinese built vehicles will only be available for private use owners in the Chinese market who appreciate the extra rear space.

From the outside the cream coloured TX keeps its distinctive electric taxi looks, minus the ‘TAXI’ light, but go inside and it's a whole new ball game.

Gone is the taxi partition and rear facing flip down seats, which opens up the whole cabin for executive or family car usage. In comes a front passenger seat and what appears to be a different stylish dashboard console made up of Geely Auto parts rather than Volvo.

The two-tone leather trim finishing gives the vehicle a high-end finish. Complementing the huge panoramic roof window is a modern wood flooring.

Photos of the Chinese made LEVC TX were posted on social media.


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