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Success for thousands of BMW drivers in High Court in latest ‘Dieselgate’ case ruling

More than 100,000 BMW and MINI drivers have won their first hearing in their claim against the German car manufacturer over the vehicle emissions scandal.

The High Court has ruled that BMW will face legal action over their role in the emissions scandal by granting a Group Litigation Order (GLO).

The ruling is a significant milestone in the claim by drivers over alleged attempts by BMW to cheat emissions tests by fitting prohibited ‘defeat devices’ in their vehicles.

A defeat device allows a vehicle to pass regulatory tests as a low emission producing vehicle, hiding the true extent of the levels of harmful pollutants being omitted into the air in normal use.

The GLO, which was granted on 2 November, allows all those who acquired an affected BMW vehicle to join a single legal claim against the car manufacturer.

Leigh Day, representing over 40,000 BMW and MINI diesel vehicle owners, has been appointed, together with Pogust Goodhead, as Lead Solicitors to the Group Action.

Earlier this year, the High Court also ruled in favour of thousands of vehicle owners bringing claims against Mercedes, granting them a similar GLO in March.

Several leading vehicle manufacturers have been accused of fitting 'defeat' devices to their vehicles to cheat the EU and UK emissions laws. Law firms believe thousands of UK vehicle owners have been affected by this and are eligible to receive compensation.

Leigh Day partner Sapna Malik said: “The High Court’s decision to grant this Group Litigation Order is a significant moment for more than 100,000 former or current owners of BMW and MINI diesel vehicles involved in this claim. The GLO gives us a clear roadmap to ensure the group action proceeds in a timely way to help us get BMW owners the compensation they deserve.”


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