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Supermarket petrol prices drop in June… but which came out the cheapest?

Updated: Jul 6

In June, the big four supermarkets—Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, and Tesco—reduced their petrol and diesel prices by an average of 4p per litre. This brought the average cost down to 142p for petrol and 147p for diesel.

The price differences across these supermarkets' sites are notable. At Tesco, the variation is just 6p for petrol, whereas Morrisons sees a 10p difference. Sainsbury’s shows a 13p disparity, while Asda's gap is the widest at 35p, influenced by its acquisition of the 350 Euro Garages forecourts, bringing its total to 665 sites.

Diesel price differences are even more pronounced. Tesco again has the smallest range at 9p. Morrisons and Sainsbury’s have differences of 15p and 16p, respectively. Asda, however, has a significant 38p variation between its cheapest and most expensive sites.

Price of petrol

Asda, while offering the lowest minimum price, also has the highest average and maximum prices, suggesting a significant fluctuation in pricing.

Morrisons, Sainsbury's, and Tesco exhibit much tighter pricing ranges, with Tesco showing the least variation, indicating a more stable pricing strategy.

Customers looking for the cheapest fuel might gravitate towards Asda for potential savings, but should be wary of the potential for higher prices as well. Those preferring price stability might choose Tesco.

Key Petrol Price Observations:

1. Average Prices:

  • Asda: Has the highest average price at 143 pence per litre.

  • Morrisons: Averages at 141.1 pence per litre, the lowest among the four.

  • Sainsbury's: Slightly higher than Morrisons at 141.5 pence per litre.

  • Tesco: Stands at 141.4 pence per litre.

2. Minimum Prices:

  • Asda: Also offers the lowest minimum price at 136.7 pence per litre.

  • Morrisons: Offers a minimum of 137.7 pence per litre.

  • Sainsbury's: Matches Asda closely with a minimum of 136.9 pence per litre.

  • Tesco: Shows a slightly higher minimum at 138.9 pence per litre.

3. Maximum Prices:

  • Asda: Again leads with the highest maximum price at 171.9 pence per litre.

  • Morrisons: Has a maximum of 147.7 pence per litre.

  • Sainsbury's: Caps at 149.9 pence per litre.

  • Tesco: Registers the lowest maximum price at 144.9 pence per litre.


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