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SUPPORT INCOMING: Taxi and private hire industry handed £28million BOOST by Scottish Government

Scotland’s First Minister has today handed a welcomed boost to the taxi and private hire hire by announcing a new £28million fund to support struggling drivers and operators.

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, made the announcement during a COVID-19 update at Holyrood today. There was also support for hairdressers, sport and tourism.

Sturgeon said councils and local authorities are now working "to get money in bank accounts as quickly as possible" to support those hit by the latest coronavirus restrictions.

Sturgeon said: "Last week, I confirmed the allocation of more than £200million of the £375million in business support we are making available.

"Today, I can confirm the allocation of a further £55million.

"Up to £28million will be allocated to taxi and private hire drivers and operators, £19million will support services such as beauticians and hairdressers.

"£5million will be provided for sport and an additional £3million for tourism."

Unite Glasgow Cab Section responded to the news on social media saying: “Nicola Sturgeon earlier announced an ‘up to £28million support fund’ for taxi drivers and operators.

“The breakdown of the fund and the timeline for payment has yet to be decided. Unite cab sections across Scotland have a further meeting with the Scottish Government tomorrow.”

Private hire representatives, ADCU Scotland, said: “Nicola Sturgeon has announced £28million support fund for drivers and ops.

“ADCU Scotland to meet with Scotland Government again tomorrow to discuss further. Updates to follow as news breaks.

“Well done to everyone involved in campaign. This vital support can't come quick enough.”


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