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Surge in speeding tickets for London’s Private Hire drivers in Bayswater area

Updated: Jun 6

London’s private hire drivers are experiencing an increase in speeding fines along Bayswater Road, the stretch on the north side of Hyde Park.

The rise in penalties highlights the need for drivers to take extra care on the slower 20mph road speed limits, particularly in high-traffic areas like Bayswater Road.

The warning from Otto Car serves as a crucial reminder for all private hire drivers navigating this busy London route to save points on their licence and money in potential fines.

A spokesperson from the minicab rental firm Otto Car, who provides vehicles to drivers on platforms like Uber, Bolt and FREENOW, stated: “We’ve noticed a lot of drivers are getting tickets for exceeding the 20mph limit on Bayswater Road between the junctions of Lancaster Gate and Stanhope Place eastbound. Please drive safely.”

Being caught speeding can lead to several consequences for drivers. Firstly, drivers will likely receive a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN), which typically includes a £100 fine and three penalty points on thier driving licence.

Accumulating 12 or more penalty points within three years may lead to disqualification from driving.

In more severe cases, such as significantly exceeding the speed limit or being caught by police rather than a speed camera, you may be summoned to court. This can result in larger fines, more penalty points, and possibly a driving ban.

For professional drivers like taxi and private hire drivers, these penalties can affect their employment.

Additionally, insurance premiums are likely to rise after a speeding offence, reflecting the increased risk associated with the driver.


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