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Surrey RoadSafe police crack down on ‘Leafy Licence Plates’ and Speeding on A3

Image credit: Surrey RoadSafe

Surrey RoadSafe, a group working in partnership with Surrey County Council, and Surrey Police, have taken a stand against the use of ‘leafy’ camouflage on licence plates.

Emphasising that there are occasions when camouflage can be both necessary and aesthetically pleasing, the group made it clear that leaves attached to number plates with double-sided tape is neither.

A recent incident on the A3 in Guildford reinforced the importance of this issue after finding a vehicle driving over the speed limit. The authorities promptly stopped the vehicle and took action.

Surrey RoadSafe has reported that a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) was issued for the offence of displaying leaves on the licence plate. Additionally, a Traffic Offence Report (TOR) was issued due to the speeding violation.

Surrey RoadSafe said: “There are times when camouflage is needed & can look good. Leaves attached to your number plate with double-sided tape is neither.

“Vehicle stopped A3, Guildford as still visible to Vangaurd while driving in excess of the speed limit.

“Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for leaves and Traffic Offence Report (TOR) for speed issued.”


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