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SURROUNDED: Counter-protesters kettle Just Stop Oil protesters in Elephant and Castle

Image credit: Just Stop Oil

An anti-oil protest organised by Just Stop Oil turned chaotic and led to clashes with counter-protesters wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the slogan 'Just Stop P*ssing Everyone Off'.

The incident occurred during the group's march in Elephant and Castle, where both sides engaged in debate about the necessity of disruptive action.

The Just Stop Oil supporters, who had been disrupting roads in central London for the past thirteen weeks, took to the streets once again in an effort to raise awareness about the need to transition away from fossil fuels. A total of 132 campaigners formed nine groups and began marching around West, East, and South London at 9am this morning.

However, tensions escalated when a group of counter-protesters confronted the Just Stop Oil march in Elephant and Castle. Wearing t-shirts with the controversial slogan, they kettled the supporters, encircling them and engaging debate about the effectiveness of their tactics.


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