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Survey finds ‘NO EVIDENCE’ of unmet demand for Taxi services in Warrington

A recent survey has found ‘no evidence’ of any unmet demand for taxi services in Warrington.

The survey was conducted by LVSA Traffic and Transportation into the number of hackney carriage vehicles. The findings were presented to the taxi and other licensing committee, which is set to meet on Wednesday 10 May to consider the results.

The survey reveals that there is no significant change to demand for hackney carriage services in the Warrington Borough Council licensing area as of now. The committee is therefore recommended to reduce the current limit policy by one to 148.

The survey findings suggest that retaining the current policy is an essential part of the current stability of the hackney carriage industry in the area, and has a strong public benefit. The report goes on to add that the reduction of the active fleet by one vehicle has not impacted service levels, and it would be wise to extinguish that single spare plate.

The committee was also urged to acknowledge the ‘significant contribution’ of both hackney carriage and private hire to the transport policy and economy of the area.

The taxi and other licensing committee is expected to approve the number of hackney carriage vehicles at 148, reduced from 149, after considering the findings of the unmet demand study.


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