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Sussex Police officer APOLOGISES to taxi driver after video of incorrect ticket given out goes viral

A Sussex Police officer has apologised to a Brighton taxi driver after a video of the officer incorrectly issuing a ticket to the cabbie for running a red light went viral.

The taxi driver was stopped in St George’s Place in the early hours on Saturday 5 November after a police officer believed the cabbie had run through a red light.

In a video shared on YouTube, the taxi driver pleaded his innocence with the officer, explaining how the traffic light sequence worked at the junction. Dashcam footage clearly supported the taxi driver's argument, but a ticket was handed to the frustrated cabbie.

Since then, the police officer has made contact with the driver after reviewing the lights sequence. The officer apologised for his mistake and the ticket has been rescinded.

A Sussex Police spokesperson told TaxiPoint: “An officer stopped a driver in St George’s Place, Brighton on the morning of November 5.

“A penalty ticket was issued to the driver for driving through a red traffic light.

“The driver’s licence was checked by the officer and returned to him at the roadside.

“The officer took note of the driver’s complaint, checked the layout at the site and reviewed the penalty issued.

“He recognised he had made a mistake and contacted the driver to apologise. The penalty ticket was cancelled.”


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