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Sussex Police scrutinise thirty taxis during operation that sees one cab handed Fixed Penalty Notice

Image credit: Sussex Roads Police

In a recent safety operation led by Sussex Police's Commercial Vehicle Unit on the A22 East Grinstead, thirty taxis were stopped and scrutinised for compliance.

During the evening operation, a number of vehicles were identified for minor infractions, including low brake performance and worn tyres, with drivers given advice on necessary repairs.

Notably, one taxi was issued a Fixed Penalty Notice due to excessively tinted windows which could impair driver visibility. Additionally, a few taxis were flagged for having faulty lights, necessitating swift repairs to ensure the safety of both drivers and passengers.

The operation was supported by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership and Mid-Sussex Council, highlighting the collaborative effort to uphold road safety standards. The spokesperson expressed gratitude for the support from these partners.

This initiative is part of ongoing efforts by Sussex Police to ensure that commercial vehicles, which includes taxis, meet stringent safety criteria set by licensing authorities.

A Sussex Police Roads spokesperson said: “Commercial Vehicle Unit working on the A22 East Grinstead yesterday evening checking taxi's are compliant for public safety.

“30 vehicles stopped and checked. A few were given advice to sort low brakes and tyres. 1 x Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for tinted windows. A few lights needed fixing.”

The spokesperson added: “Thanks to Sussex Safer Roads Partnership and Mid-Sussex Council for helping with the roadside checks.”


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