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SWEDISH CONNECTIONS: Electric taxi manufacturers LEVC continue European expansion

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Image credit: LEVC

Electric taxi manufacturers LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) has continued its European expansion as it appoints the first dealer partner in southern Sweden.

Dealership Liljas Personbilar AB will be the new home of the TX and VN5, supporting LEVC sales in Sweden.

Inititally, Liljas Personbilar AB serviced all of Sweden but now the independent dealership has decided to focus on southern Sweden. Kalmar and Växjö will be the new locations for LEVC sales at Liljas Personbilar AB.

Liljas Personbilar AB will provide full sales and services support for LEVC’s TX electric taxi and VN5 electric van, which began production at the company’s state-of-the-art EV manufacturing facility in Ansty, Coventry at the end of last year.

Anna Wansland, VP of Liljas Group, said: “LEVC and Liljas share many values. Both our companies come from a history that goes almost as far back as the automobile itself. With that said we both always strive to stay innovative and relevant. That’s why our collaboration felt very natural from the start. We look forward to present LEVC to our customers that like that really classic look but still love technology and innovation.”

Joerg Hofmann, CEO of LEVC, said: “The continuous growth of our industry-leading products and technologies to new markets across Europe is a very exciting time for LEVC.

“I am extremely pleased to be announcing another partnership and welcome two new LEVC homes in Sweden. As a European leader of electric vehicles and sustainability, Sweden is going to be a great location for the future of our products.”

Martin Rada, Director of LEVC Europe, said: “We are very pleased to announce another dealership in Europe and open LEVC to a new market, yet again. This key European expansion is imperative for LEVC and as Sweden is a European leader of plug-in vehicles; we are thrilled to announce the new locations.”


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