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‘SWERVING ALL ACROSS THE ROAD’: Driver for ‘well-known taxi company’ tested positive for cannabis

Image credit: Wiltshire Police Special Operations

A cab driver who worked for a ‘well-known taxi company’ was arrested after testing positive for cannabis after police spotted vehicle ‘swerving all across the road’.

The erratic driving caught the attention of Wiltshire Police's Road Policing Unit (RPU), prompting them to intervene and investigate further.

According to a spokesperson from the Wiltshire Police Special Operations, the RPU had observed the suspect vehicle swerving erratically on the road, posing a potential danger to other drivers and pedestrians.

Upon closer inspection of the vehicle, the police officers noted the presence of a prominently displayed no smoking sign, indicating that smoking, including the use of cannabis, was strictly prohibited inside the taxi. Unfortunately, it appeared that the driver failed to abide by their own signage, as subsequent testing of the driver's drug wipe returned a positive result for the presence of cannabis.

A Wiltshire Police Special Operations spokesperson said: “Roads Policing Unit (RPU) stopped this car due to it swerving all over the road. The driver worked for a well known taxi company. It had a no smoking sign on the car. Perhaps the driver should have taken note, as he was positive for cannabis on a drug wipe.”


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