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SWIRE JUNCTION: New junction included on A-Z Maps in memory of much respected taxi driver examiner

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

A new junction in the heart of the capital’s financial district has been included on A-Z Maps in memory of the much respected Knowledge of London examiner, Tony Swire.

Knowledge of London Examiner, Tony (Antony) Swire, sadly died on Saturday 6 November 2021 aged 63.

Over the last 20 years ‘Mr Swire’ tested students trying to obtain their badge to become a licensed taxi driver in London. Working for Transport for London (TfL) he saw thousands of students during face-to-face ‘Appearance’ tests.

In memory of Mr Swire, the Knowledge schools and TfL agreed for the junction of King William Street, Eastcheap, Cannon Street – to be called as ‘Swire Junction’ on appearances.

Tom Hutley, a popular London taxi vlogger, shared a picture of ‘Swire Junction’ now also appearing on A-Z Maps and CabbieMate. Hutley said: “Big up A-Z Maps and CabbiesMate! Wonderful tribute to the late Mr. Swire.”


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