Talented London taxi driver captures industry through art of sketch

A talented London black cab driver is making waves as an artist by capturing the noble art of the taxi industry through SKETCH.

“I hope you can see in my drawings how proud I am to call myself a cabdriver,” says taxi driver Glenn Marquis, whose drawings are selling at a highly coveted spot in the capital’s busy Greenwich Market.

The artist's drawings focus on many aspects of the industry, from starting life on the Knowledge to carrying the public in the iconic vehicles synonymous to London.

Glenn told TaxiPoint: “I am a proud London Black cab driver first and foremost. I have had many jobs in my past, a security guard, milkman, courier, mini-cab driver; all great jobs to fit around studying the Knowledge of London.

“But way before all this, I studied technical illustration at college and worked as an illustrator in the car industry until I was made redundant at 26, two months before my wedding. I decided that I never wanted to be in that position again so thought it best to be my own boss and take on the mammoth task of the Knowledge. I left my drawing days behind me or so I thought.

“Now, as a cabbie, I enjoy chatting to my customers and speaking of my past. I’ve often been met with comments like: 'You can draw and you’re driving a cab... why?! What a waste!' Bloody cheek I would think as I considered passing the knowledge as one of my greatest achievements. However, it did start me thinking it was a shame that I hadn’t drawn for quite some time. I got an idea and it wouldn’t go away.

“When I got my badge I wanted paintings/pictures of London with taxis and found it quite difficult to get what I wanted, so I thought why not have a go at drawing one myself.

“My first attempt after a 10 year gap was a drawing that means a lot to me. I felt that the cab trade was under attack from the advancements of technology. At the time cabbies were being labelled ‘luddites’, which was a provocative act that left me feeling angry and bitter. But I came to the conclusion that the best response is to turn a negative into a positive. So, I came up with the idea of a play on words, ‘Knowledge is Power’. It meant that I could use my art in a small way to fight back.”

Image Source: Glen Marquis

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