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TAXI ALLIANCE: iCabbi launches new jointly-owned taxi operators model to secure industry future

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Taxi and Private Hire industry dispatch technology provider, iCabbi, have announced a new, unique jointly-owned venture that has been created in response to customer demand for a secure industry future.

iCabbi, a leading independent provider of dispatch technology, has announced the new joint venture with its UK and Irish customers. The Taxi Alliance is being created to ensure independent taxi and private hire companies have an equity stake and practical input into the technology they use to power their businesses.

Working with Mobilize (Renault Group), iCabbi and its customers will launch the Taxi Alliance on 1 January 2022. This 50,000+ vehicle national organisation will ensure fleets have the tools and network strength to defend and grow their businesses.

Speaking at a virtual conference attended by over 350+ companies, Gavan Walsh, Founder and CEO of iCabbi, said: “The market is changing rapidly and therefore something radical is needed to ensure the independent model has a future. The Taxi Alliance is the infrastructure for us to work together and create a stronger shared future. Fleets will have board representation, input into product development and veto powers on certain key areas. In addition, we are evolving our technology to enable fleets to work together as a regional and national network.”

A new dedicated team has been formed to lead the Taxi Alliance. Both Mark English and Odhran Ginnity have a successful record of scaling international technology companies. They head up a team of experienced product development, business intelligence and online marketing professionals who will work with Taxi Alliance members to attract and retain passengers and drivers. The new management team will report to the Taxi Alliance Board of Directors, chaired by Gavan Walsh, that will have substantial fleet representation.

Walsh added: “A change is needed in our industry and we are building that change collaboratively. We also recognised that changes were needed within iCabbi and the appointment of Odhran as iCabbi CTO and Mark as CEO of the TA, reflects our commitment to our customers. Both have hit the ground running and it is really exciting to see the progress being made on our product suite. Customers will see the impact over the next 10 weeks.”

The Taxi Alliance is open to ALL UK and Irish independent taxi, hackney and private hire companies. Walsh said: “We understand that many firms are nervous about their dependence on dispatch providers and therefore we have designed the Taxi Alliance to ensure there is no conflict of interest. We welcome ANY company who is willing to work with us to ensure they have a sustainable future.”

iCabbi also posted a video with Gavan Walsh which covers more on the Taxi Alliance.


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