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Taxi association raises concerns over LTNs and anti-car agenda during trade awards event

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Steve McNamara, the General Secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), expressed his continued concerns over the impact of Low Traffic Neighborhoods (LTNs) and the anti-car agenda on the taxi trade.

McNamara had the opportunity to discuss these issues with various politicians during this year’s Parliamentary Taxi and PHV Awards event, which included the Minister, Shadow Minister for Taxis, and supportive Members of Parliament (MPs).

According to the TAXI Newspaper editorial, McNamara engaged in conversations with several Labour MPs who were worried about the problems associated with LTNs and the broader anti-car agenda. The MPs acknowledged that the situation had reached a point where a reevaluation was necessary. They particularly highlighted the unfairness of taxis being caught up in these schemes and expressed support for reassessing their impact.

McNamara also spoke with Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP, who had recently backed Theresa Villiers MP's push for legislation that would grant the Government an effective veto over more detrimental schemes implemented by the Mayor of London. The General Secretary shared his agreement with Smith, reinforcing the importance of examining the impact of these initiatives on the local communities and the services provided by taxis.

The awards event itself revolved around recognising the crucial role taxis play in serving local communities and residents, with an emphasis on the willingness of drivers to go above and beyond to assist passengers.

MPs present were said to have expressed concerns that the existing schemes and the overarching anti-car agenda were undermining this vital service. They echoed the sentiment that it is imperative for these issues to be thoroughly evaluated.

McNamara said in TAXI Newspaper: “The Awards event was also a great opportunity to speak to the Minister and Shadow Minister for Taxis and to catch up with some supportive MPs about the goings on in the taxi trade, and where and how we need their support.

“Interestingly, I spoke with a number of Labour MPs about the problems with LTNs and the anti-car agenda being pushed by so many. They actually brought this up and felt that things had gone too far and needed a rethink. They particularly agreed that it was wrong for taxis to be caught up in this.

“I also spoke to Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP, who recently supported Theresa Villiers MP’s efforts to get legislation through parliament, which would give the government an effective veto over the Mayor of London’s more damaging schemes.

“The whole premise of the Awards was how taxis provide a vital service for local communities and residents, and drivers so often go out of their way to help passengers. The MPs were rightly concerned that these schemes and the broader anti-car agenda are undermining this service and it needs to be looked at. I obviously agreed wholeheartedly!”


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