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Taxi association warns cabbies of bilker cheating drivers out of fares

Updated: May 15

London Taxi Drivers' Association (LTDA) has issued a warning to its members to be on the lookout for a bilker who has cheated taxi drivers out of their hard earned fares.

The warning is based on a recent incident that was reported to the Association. The alleged incident reportedly took place on Earl's Court Road. The LTDA member reported that they picked up a young man at 7.40am, who asked to be taken to Inverness Terrace W2.

The passenger was described as being of mixed ethnic background and in his mid-20s.

When the cab arrived at the destination, the passenger immediately got out of the cab and allegedly went into the building to get money. He never returned to pay the fare £12.40.

LTDA advised its members to take note of the passenger's description and be cautious if they come across him.

Lloyd Baldwin, LTDA Executive S.O, said in TAXI Newspaper: “I recently took a call from a member regarding a bilker. I asked that he give me a brief description of the cab ride and what other drivers should look out for.

“I suspect this was not this bilker's first time so beware. Our member picked up the person in question at 7.40am from Earl's Court Road and he asked to go to an address on Inverness Terrace W2. He was of mixed ethnic background, about mid-20s. He chatted all the way and was very specific about the address. When we arrived, he was out of the cab in a flash muttering about "going to get the money."

“He had an electronic door pass and was in the building before the driver could get out of the cab. It was a multi-occupancy house, and no one would answer the door. Because he was 'fleet of foot', the driver believes he has done this before. The fare was £12.40.”

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