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Taxi driver and trade rep urges others to ‘preserve the integrity of London's traditional taxi service’

A London taxi driver has called on colleagues to sign a petition that would  ‘preserve the integrity of London's traditional taxi service’.

The call to arms was issued by London cab driver Paul Bond, who urged fellow drivers to back a petition aimed at safeguarding the city's famed taxi service. Bond, a representative of the trade and a staunch advocate for black cabs, emphasised the threat posed by unregulated digital booking platforms.

Highlighting the challenges introduced by app-based ride-hailing services, Bond argues these innovations, while beneficial, could undermine the fundamental aspects of the traditional London taxi—namely the ability to hail a cab directly from the street, the distinctive purpose-built vehicles, and the transparent, metered pricing system. He asserts that these features are crucial for maintaining the high standard of service recognised globally.

Bond's appeal to policymakers seeks to establish rules that balance technological advancements with the preservation of the taxi industry's unique traits. He stresses the importance of direct contracts between drivers and passengers to maintain accountability.

Bond said in a petition posted on “I am a proud product of the world-renowned Knowledge of London, trained to be a traditional taxi driver, not a pseudo minicab driver reliant on others for hirings that exclude those without smartphones. The essence of our service - the street hail, specialist vehicle and metered fare - is under threat. Our status as the world's leading taxi service is at risk unless we act now.

“Taxi Booking Platforms (commonly known as Apps) are rapidly changing the landscape of our industry. While technology can bring benefits, it also poses significant challenges to our traditional model and potentially compromises passenger safety if not properly regulated. It is crucial that 'contracts' remain between drivers and hirers to ensure transparency and accountability.

“In 2019 alone, there were over 21,000 licensed black cabs in London. These cabs represent not just an iconic symbol of London but also livelihoods that could be disrupted by unregulated digital platforms.

“We urge policymakers to introduce regulations ensuring these platforms protect passengers' interests while preserving the unique characteristics that make us globally recognised – our ability to pick up passengers from anywhere in London without pre-booking; our specially designed vehicles; and our metered fares which provide certainty for passengers about cost before they begin their journey.

“Let's preserve what makes us special while adapting responsibly to new technologies. Sign this petition today!”


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