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Taxi driver found ‘standing on the brakes’ in attempt to stop cab sliding down embankment

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Image credit: North Yorkshire Police

The prompt response from the North Yorkshire’s Police and Fire and Rescue Service helped prevent a potential disaster as a taxi driver found themselves ‘standing on the brakes’ fearful that their cab would slide down an embankment.

The incident occurred when the taxi veered off the road, leaving the driver in a state of panic as the vehicle threatened to slide down an embankment.

Upon receiving the distress call, the police swiftly requested assistance from the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. A spokesperson for the service confirmed that their intervention was sought to aid the stranded taxi.

Police officers and the taxi driver had successfully managed to bring the car back onto the roadway by the time the fire and rescue team arrived at the scene. The fire crew proceeded to stand by for a few minutes, ensuring the vehicle was secure and that there were no further risks or hazards.

A North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Police requested Fire assistance for a taxi which had left the road on a sharp bend with the driver then standing on the brakes fearful that the vehicle would slide down an embankment.

“On Fire arrival, Police were bringing the car back to the roadway and Fire stood by for a few minutes while this was accomplished.”


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