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Taxi driver in Stroud offers all teenage customers reduced rates after ‘frightening moment’

Updated: Mar 2

A female taxi driver in Stroud says she will reduce her rates for teenagers following a ‘frightening moment’ involving two young girls on Saturday night.

The driver, affiliated with JLD Taxis, took to social media to share her experience and subsequent decision. "After experiencing a frightening moment this evening for a couple of young girls that I transported home safely, as a mother myself, I'd like to know my girls will always be safe," she stated.

In a move that underscores her own commitment to community safety, she announced: "Any young person, your son, your daughter, niece etc., needing a taxi home, my rates will be half the cost." She also revealed that she had provided a free ride to the youngsters involved in the incident.

Whilst the act of kindness and responsibility highlights the importance of community-based solutions in addressing safety concerns, not many taxi services, both locally and nationally, can afford to offer such schemes without outside funding.


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