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Taxi driver must pay over £450 legal bill after council takes cabbie to court for smoking cigarette

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

A taxi driver must pay over £450 in fines and legal bills after the council took the cabbie to court for smoking inside his cab.

Mohammed Ghanfar Hussain, 41, was ordered to attended Cwmbran Magistrates’ Court after Newport City Council caught the driver smoking in a Toyota Avensis on Nash Road.

According to the South West Argus, Hussain was reported by an eagle eyed Community Safety Warden on 23 April.

Hussain pleaded guilty to an offence under the Health Act. It is against the law to smoke in virtually all enclosed public spaces, workplaces and public and work vehicles.

The taxi driver was fined £120 by the courts and ordered to pay £301.56 costs and a £34 surcharge.


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